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The goal of the Community Outreach component is to cultivate collaboration between VCU and the surrounding community and serve as a catalyst for enhancing access and improving outcomes for women’s health by bringing clinical expertise to community settings; by forming partnerships for community-based research opportunities; and by providing opportunities for service learning and bidirectional education for health-care professionals.

Because VCU has broad community representation and alliances in women’s health activities, it is our intention to use our current programs as springboards to strengthen partnerships and to expand efforts. The Institute partners with many agencies in the community to offer accessible women’s health screening services and educational outreach throughout the Richmond area. Our plan is to strengthen these existing partnerships and merge our efforts to reach out to the communities in which the greatest health disparities exist.

We have a number of outreach projects that are targeted towards ethnic minorities and underserved populations.  Many of these projects have become sustainable because they are embedded in existing structures and resources in the community. Our plan is to continue, grow, and develop them by further engaging the lay leadership of community organizations and agencies that share our mission.

The Institute for Women's Health works closely with:

VCU Council on Community Engagment (CCE)
The CCE promotes and supports efforts of VCU to achieve it's strategic vision of excellence as an engaged campus. Representatives from all academic and university support units participate on the Council and its committees. The Council provides 1) provides a coordinating infrasturcture to support a university-wide interdisciplinary effort to engage with and respond to the community. 2) Promotes and supports VCU's core mission activities of research, teaching and service as they relate to enhancing our engagment with the community, and 3) Enhances awarenss of opportunities and achievements and promotes involvement among university stakeholders interested in becoming engaged with the community.

VCU Center on Health Disparities (COHD)
The Center on Health Disparities at Virginia Commonwealth University is committed to the elimination of disparities in health outcomes and the improvement of health care. Although the Center primarily focuses on underrepresented populations in the greater Richmond area, its work impacts health policy and public policy throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Richmond Healthy Start Initiative
A Healthy You, A Healthy Pregnancy, A Healthly Baby
To reduce infant mortality, low birth weight, prematurity and racial disparities in birth outcomes for women of childbearing age. Rose Stith Singleton, Executive Director. 400 East Cary Street, Richmond, VA 23219. 804 -205-3684

YWCA of Richmond

The YWCA of Richmond serves at-risk children with quality, comprehensive childcare and victims of domestic and sexual violence with rescue, recovery and life-rebuilding programs that foster emotional, social, and economic stability.  Our vision is of a community that protects the vulnerable, reaches out to those in need, honors personal courage, celebrates women’s successes, and embraces diversity and equality.

YWCA - 24 hour hotline for free crisis intervention, emergency shelter, counseling and support. 804-643-0888

The Women’s Health Resource Center at Stony Point was created to encourage women to make informed decisions about their health and to provide tools for women to become active partners in their care. In partnership with VCU Libraries this resource center is a part of “Community Outreach Information Network” (COIN) with a mission of increasing access to high quality health information by providing comprehensive, exemplary health education resources and programs to women and their families. 

VCU is a founding partner of Women’s Health Virginia, a statewide initiative to promote and improve the health and well-being of women and girls in Virginia. The VCU Institute for Women’s Health has also hosted numerous community events, including health fairs, health promotion screening, and seminars at churches, schools, retirement communities, and the YWCA.

The Women’s Health Network for Consumer Health Outreach, which provides bilingual and culturally sensitive health education, was established in October 2001 through a contract from the National Library of Medicine. The Network addresses women’s health needs in three ways: training in using the Internet for consumer health information needs, maintaining a Website, and sponsoring monthly speakers on health topics.

(As of July 2007: Please note that the Women's Health Network Website is no longer updated regularly.)

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