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In January 2005, the VCU Medical Center opened the new Women’s Surgical Care Wing designed to cater solely to the pre-operative and post-operative needs of female patients. This unit, which was in the planning phase for two years, represents an exciting step forward in our philosophy of inpatient care delivery.

Comprised of 18 private and four semi-private rooms, the Women’s Surgical Care Wing physically embodies the VCU Medical Center’s commitment to providing patient-centered care in a comforting, compassionate and professional environment. Unique amenities include sofa beds in each room and a family style kitchen.

The unit is dedicated to women, is multidisciplinary, and serves women having a variety of surgical procedures, including gynecologic (cancers and benign) surgery, plastic surgery, general surgery, and surgical treatment of other cancers (including breast and colon cancer). Services are offered to female surgical patients regardless of their ability to pay. Each patient is an active member of her health care team. The philosophy of care on the unit is reflected in the commitment to:

  • Empowering patients through information and education
  • Supporting patient privacy
  • Recognizing the importance of family, friends, and social networks
  • Emphasizing the importance of human touch
  • Acknowledging the value of complementary therapies such as aromatherapy, massage, music therapy, and relaxation techniques
  • Incorporating architectural designs conducive to health and healing, that create a sense of refuge
  • Promoting the importance of nutrition and the nurturing aspects of food
  • Engaging family or support partners in patient care
  • Coordination of care through pre-, and post-operative venues
  • Encouraging and facilitating staff development
  • Practicing environmentally responsible care

The unit is unique in the Richmond area in offering these coordinated services to a diverse population of patients and in offering complementary integrative medical services. It is a fitting counterpart to our excellent ambulatory care facilities and represents an important addition to our award winning comprehensive multidisciplinary women’s services established in 1993 at the Women’s Health Center at Stony Point. The VCU Institute for Women’s Health, National Center of Excellence is excited about this important expansion of women’s health services at VCU Medical Center.

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For more information about the Women’s Surgical Care Wing call 804-828-2022 or
contact Mary Beasley, Nurse Manager, Women's Surgical Care Wing 804-628-1623

To make an appointment call: 800-762-6161

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